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Office of General Studies
The University of Mississippi

Are you ready for May 2024 commencement?

This year’s commencement activities will be held on Saturday, May 11th. December 2023 graduates are invited to participate in May commencement along with applicants for May 2024 and August 2024 graduation.  If you plan to graduate (i.e., complete all requirements for your degree) in May or August, make sure that you have completed the application process below. Even if you do not intend to participate in commencement activities, you must apply for graduation in order to have your degree conferred.

Details for General Studies (Multi-Disciplinary and University Studies Grads) – Ford Center, May 11, 2024

Check-in begins at 10:00 a.m. All grads must check in no later than 10:45.

Download these instructions [.pdf]

map of Ford Center building showing ADA entrance at circle and loading dock entrance in rear of building.

Ford Center Check-In Diagram

Graduates should enter the building through the loading dock at the rear of the building. The check-in table with extra reader cards and honor cords for those who did not pick theirs up earlier will be right there when you enter the building.

The loading dock entrance has 5 steps to climb, and there is no ramp. For students needing an alternate entrance, enter the building through the main doors at the drop-off circle. A staff member can then direct you back to the hallway leading to the loading dock check-in.

All graduates will be seated on the stage for the ceremony. Staff will seat you on stage after you check in. There is no student processional. You will stand when Pomp and Circumstance begins to play, and Dean Ammeter will seat you when he comes to the podium.

When your row is brought forward for presentation of diploma covers, you must bring your reader card and present it to the reader at the podium. We do not read from a program.

A photographer will take your picture with Dean Ammeter, and then there will be another photo taken in front of a backdrop before you return to your seat on stage.

Note: Grads will exit the building the same way you entered and meet your family out front.

BMDS and BUS students with remaining coursework

The following 2 forms must be submitted in order to be included in May 2024 commencement:

  • Intent to GraduateIf you submitted one of these letters for a past semester but did not complete your degree, you must submit a new one to the Office of General Studies.  (Note: You must be logged into Google with your email address in order to access the Intent to Graduate form.)
  • Online Diploma application: Log into MyOleMiss. Under the “Student” tab, select the “Academics” box. You will see “Diploma Application” listed under the links in that box. Please note: If you have already completed the diploma application, you will be unable to open it again.

If you are not sure whether you completed both of these applications, please contact our office at or at 662-915-3787.

BUS students who had no additional coursework to complete for their degree

We e-mailed you a combined Intent to Graduate and Diploma Application form to submit to us, and will submit the diploma application on your behalf to the Office of the Registrar.

Students who received their diplomas as December 2023 graduates

You will automatically be invited to participate in the commencement ceremony without any additional paperwork needed.

There are TWO CEREMONIES in which Multi-Disciplinary Studies and University Studies graduates are invited to participate on May 11th:

Campus-wide morning convocation — This takes place in The Grove at 9:00 a.m. In the case of inclement weather, this ceremony will take place in the Sandy and John Black Pavilion at Ole Miss. There is no assigned seating for graduates in this ceremony.

General Studies individual commencement ceremony — This ceremony will take place in the Gertrude Castellow Ford Center for the Performing Arts at 11:00 a.m. This is the ceremony in which students’ individual names will be called and you will cross the stage and receive your diploma cover. You will also have a photo taken with the Dean of General Studies. This ceremony includes graduates of both of the degree programs administered by the Office of General Studies—the Bachelor of Multi-Disciplinary Studies and the Bachelor of University Studies.


Due to the size of the venue, the General Studies ceremony will be a ticketed event. Our graduates can receive up to six (6) tickets for guests. Infants and small children seated on an adult’s lap do not need a ticket.

To obtain tickets for the graduation ceremony Contact UM Box Office no later than Friday, May 3rd: Graduates must contact the UM Box Office either by email at or by phone (662)915-7411. During this contact, graduates should provide:

  1. The number of tickets needed.
  2. Any necessary ADA accommodations.

If you prefer to pick up your tickets in person: Visit the UM Box Office on the first floor of the Ford Center between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

If you prefer to receive tickets via email: You will need to print the emailed tickets and distribute them to your guests. Guests without a printed ticket in hand will not be admitted to the ceremony. 

Unclaimed tickets

Any unclaimed tickets after May 3rd will be distributed on a first-come basis. An email will be sent after May 3rd by the UMBO with instructions.

Honor Cords

Multi-Disciplinary Studies students who have met the university requirements for Latin Honors (the overall and resident GPA as of the end of winter intersession 2024 are used for this purpose) will find the honors listed beneath your name on the reader card. If you are receiving Latin Honors (Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, or Summa Cum Laude), you can sign out your gold honor cord when you pick up your reader card. The honor cord does not need to be returned. The UM requirements for honors are as follows:

  • At least 60 hours completed from the University of Mississippi
  • A minimum UM and overall (we have to go with the lower of the two) GPA of:
    • 3.5 for Cum Laude
    • 3.75 for Magna Cum Laude
    • 3.9 for Summa Cum Laude

If you have met the above requirements but do not have honors listed on your enclosed name card, please call our office immediately so that we can print you a new card. Please do NOT call us, however, unless you meet all of the minimum requirements.

Note: Some of our graduates who do not qualify for Latin honors based on their current GPA may qualify once the degree has been completed. If that is the case, then the Latin honors will be marked on the UM transcript.

Other Honors Announced – Phi Kappa Phi, Who’s Who, and Taylor Medal: If any of these pertain to you and are not on your enclosed card, please contact our office immediately so that we can print you a new card. We do not announce any other honor societies at graduation.

Cap and Gown Orders

Graduation regalia must be ordered through Grad Supply. For all ordering information and deadlines, see the Grad Supply UM commencement website.

Commencement Checklist

Find the checklist for graduates on the UM website.

Reader Cards

Each student will have a printed reader card. This card is what you will hand to the reader when it is your turn to cross the stage. We will announce your name along with minors (BMDS degrees), or emphasis areas (BUS degrees), as well as any Latin honors or Phi Kappa Phi membership.

For those who prefer to pick up their card early, reader cards will be available May 8-10 on the Oxford campus at the Office of General Studies, Jackson Avenue Center, Suite K Central.

The reader cards will also be available at the check-in tables at the Ford Center on the day of commencement.

You must bring this card with you to the podium. Do not leave your name card in your seat. We do not read names from a program, and seating does not follow a particular order.


ADA and all guest parking for ceremonies in the Gertrude C. Ford Center for the Performing Arts is recommended in the lots surrounding the Ford Center.

Check in

Graduates and guests should arrive at the Ford Center between 10:00 a.m. (earliest) and 10:30 a.m. (latest time for graduates) for the General Studies ceremony.

Graduates will go backstage to check in. There, you will find tables for both reader cards and honor cords. All graduates must check in at one of these tables so we can ensure you have your reader card and to guide you to the correct seating area for your degree program. If you forgot your card, we will have an extra set of cards at the check-in tables. If you did not already collect your Latin honor cord, you can receive it here.

Graduate Seating

There is no processional. All graduates are seated on the stage by degree program (Multi-Disciplinary Studies students seated together and University Studies students seated together) without a set order.

Your Turn on Stage

During the degree presentation, UM staff will guide graduates row by row to the front of the stage. When you reach the podium, hand your card to the reader (remember not to leave it in your seat!).

If your name is often mispronounced, you may wish to quietly tell the reader how to pronounce your name when you hand them your card at the podium.

As your name and any honors are announced, walk across the stage to receive your diploma cover from Dean Ammeter. A photographer will be present to capture the moment. Afterward, please return to your seat out of respect for other graduates who have not yet received their diplomas. The program should not last longer than an hour.

Mailing of Diplomas

At commencement, you will receive a diploma cover, not your actual diploma.

December Graduates

Students who graduated the previous December will have already been mailed their diplomas.

May Graduates

May diplomas are typically mailed around mid-July. Grades for May graduates will not become available until after the May commencement ceremony, at which time our office has 30 days to begin checking final grades and compiling our list of students who earned their degrees by the end of the spring semester.

August Graduates

August graduates can usually expect to receive their diplomas in the mail by mid-October. We will begin checking grades for August applicants after August intersession and have 30 days to compile our final list of August degrees to be conferred.

ADA accommodations

Graduates or guests needing ADA accommodations should contact the UM Box Office by phone at (662)915-7411 or by email at

For additional information

Please check the UM Commencement website frequently for updated info such as maps of designated parking areas, special needs accommodations, changes due to weather, etc. Also, continue to check back on this website for updates as we get closer to Commencement.

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