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Office of General Studies
The University of Mississippi

The Bachelor of Multi-Disciplinary Studies Minors

Minor Oxford Tupelo DeSoto Booneville Grenada Online
Accountancy X  X  X
Aerospace Studies X
African American Studies X  *
American Sign Language Interpreting X
Anthropology X
Applied Gerontology X X
Arabic X
Art X
Art History X
Astronomy X
Biological Science X
Biomechanics X
Chemistry X
Chinese X
Cinema Studies X
Classics X
Communication Sciences and Disorders X X
Computer Science X
Creative Writing X
Criminal Justice X X
Data Science X
Digital Media Studies X
Disaster Sciences X  X
East Asian Studies X
Economics X  *  ** X X
Education X  X  ***  X  X X
Electrical Engineering X
Engineering X
English X  X  X  X  X X
Entrepreneurship X  X  X  X  X X
Environmental Studies X
Ethics and Values X X
Food Studies X
French X
Gender Studies X  *  X X
General Business X  X  X  X  X X
Geology X
German X
Global Security Studies X X
Higher Education X X
History X  X  X  X  X X
Hospitality Management X X
Intelligence and Security Studies X
International Studies X
Italian X
Japanese X
Journalism X  X X
Korean X
Law Studies X X
Linguistics X
Management Information Systems X
Marketing X
Math Education X  *  **  *
Mathematics X  X  X  X X
Medieval Studies X
Military Science X
Museum Studies X
Music X
Naval Science X
Neuroscience X
Philosophy X
Physics X
Political Science X  *  **
Portuguese X
Professional Writing X  X X
Psychology X  X  X  X  X X
Public Health X
Public Policy Leadership X
Recreation Administration X  * X
Recreational Therapy X
Religious Studies X  X  X  X  X
Russian X
Society and Health X
Sociology X  X  X  X  X X
Southern Studies X
Spanish X
Sport Administration X X
Swahili X
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages X  X X
Theatre Arts X  X X

*Some courses are available at ICC and UM-Tupelo for the minors with this asterisk, but we cannot guarantee that the minor may be completed on the Tupelo campus. Some travel to Oxford may be required.

**Some courses are available at NWCC and UM-DeSoto for the minors with this asterisk, but we cannot guarantee that the minor may be completed on the DeSoto Campus. Some travel to Oxford may be required.

***MDS students pursuing the Education minor may have to complete some of the Education electives through Independent Study.