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Office of General Studies
The University of Mississippi

Bachelor of University Studies

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Special Grade Provision

Students admitted to the Bachelor of University Studies degree program will have all previous F’s (transfer as well as in residence) removed from their GPA calculation. These courses will still, however, be counted as attempted hours for financial aid purposes. If the student changes to any other degree program within the university, the resident and overall GPAs will be re-calculated to include all F’s that were excluded for the Bachelor of University Studies degree program.

Once admitted to the Bachelor of University Studies degree program, a student may employ the university’s grade forgiveness policy for courses taken AFTER enrollment in the B.U.S. degree program.

Important note:  Students admitted to the B.U.S. degree program who have been enrolled in an institution of higher education within the last 24 months and who did not earn 90 degree-applicable hours by the end of 2017 are not eligible for this special grade provision.