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BGS News

UM Student Completes Bachelor Degree After 40 years Debra Harris earns UM BGS degree through statewide C2C programn

UM Multidisciplinary Degree Adds New Counselor Audra Trnovec helping students navigate career path in new position

UM-Booneville Student Earns University’s Highest Academic Award Christy Grissom follows winding career path to a Taylor Medal

UM-Grenada, BGS Student Changes Career Plans and Excels Bethany Miller earns UM’s Taylor Medal for academic achievement

New UM Academic Adviser Enjoys Building Structures and Futures BGS program counselor helps students construct an academic pathway to successful careers

UM Senior Prepping for International Service 2016 Outstanding BGS Student Working Toward Education to Serve Others

BGS Graduate Named to UM Hall of Fame Bruce native crafts degree to pursue career goals in higher education